在Umo应用程序™中快速使用WisGo . No more purchasing daily, 周票或月票. 拥有WisGo账户, you’ll be able to load money onto the Umo app and it will be immediately available for use.


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  • 扫描到板: When you board an MCTS bus, the WisGo validator will be to your left. Hold the QR code in your app wallet to the validator for a few seconds. 你会听到 快乐的一致 如果你的应用被接受,就会亮绿灯 嗡嗡声 如果你的应用程序不被接受,会亮红灯. 点击 在这里 for a full list of validator messages you could encounter.   
  • 适合90分钟: After you scan, you can board any MCTS bus (including the 连接1个BRT line) and your ride will include a free transfer that's good for 90 minutes. 转让? Remember to tap every time you board — the more you tap, the more you'll save!
  • 费用限制: 如果你再次点击  90 minutes, you’ll be charged for a second fare. You’ll also automatically earn a daily fare cap for that day — which means you can ride as much as you want for the rest of the day until 2:59 a.m.


  1. 在Umo应用主界面,轻按 钱包 钱包图标
  2. 在“我的钱包”屏幕上,选择 现金余额 然后 增加现金.
  3. 在 Select Amount screen, select the appropriate cash balance amount you want to add, and tap 继续.

提示: 你也可以点击 我想要不同的金额 添加自定义的数量. 

  1. 在 确认购买 屏幕上,点击 购买.
  2. 在 Payment Method screen, enter your payment method information. 
  3. 一旦你输入了你的付款细节,点击 继续.
  4. The Umo应用 confirms your cash balance purchase, and appears in the 现金余额 你的部分 钱包. 你可以登机了!

了解票价上限:多乘坐. 存更多的钱.

Earn free rides with fare capping once you reach a certain number of fares each day, 每周或每月使用Umo应用程序. 你总是能得到最好的价格. 而不是每天购买, 周票或月票, our new system will deduct stored value for the amount of one ride each time you ride ($2 for regular fare, 优惠价$1).

  1. 选择付款方式
    Fare capping only works if you use the same payment type for all rides.
  2. 付车费
    MCTS will get you w在这里 you need to go and Umo will track your fares. 每日(3小时).m.–2:59 a.m.), 每周 (calendar week, Monday–Sunday) and monthly (calendar month 1st–31st).
  3. 免费乘车
    一旦你完成了日常工作, 每周 or monthly max— all rides are free for the rest of that time period. 例如, 对于周帽, 从周一开始, 在你到达10次之后, 之后的每一票都是免费的. With fare capping you will never pay more than $4 a day with the adult regular fare and $2 a day for the reduced fare.




With the Umo应用, planning your trip has never been easier. Just enter your destination, choose your route, and purchase your fare. You can default to your current starting point, or select a diff之前nt one of your choice.


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With the Umo应用, you’ll never feel left in the dark. Find out w在这里 your ride is and when it’s scheduled to arrive. 


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很容易! You can plan a trip by entering a destination in the W在这里 do you want to go? 领域的主要方向 点,线,点图标 屏幕上,点击ping Search routes 并选择ing your preferred trip result.   

Your starting point defaults to Your Current Location. 您也可以输入另一个起始点.



  • “Next Arrivals" are based on live GPS feeds according to the vehicle's GPS. Accuracy can vary depending on the quality of the signal available.


Download the Umo app on your smartphone from either the iOS App Store (for iPhone devices) and Google Play商店 (for Android devices). 


  1. 打开应用程序,点击“开始”. 
  2. The app works best when you allow it to identify your location, giving you access to all the local information you need to plan, 购买并跟踪你的下一次旅行.
  3. 点击“设置帐户”.
  4. Set up your account with a mobile phone number, email or username and password. 

After you register your mobile device and create a Umo account, you can then: 

  1. 计划你的旅行——计划你的旅行, 在任何时候, and find your next bus with your own pref之前nces such as arrival time, 起飞时间, 最少的转移, 少走路.
  2. 跟踪你的巴士 – Access estimated bus arrival info data for timely trip planning.
  3. Pay a fare – You can purchase a fare using My 钱包 in the app. You can pay through the app using a credit card or debit card only.


而不是每天购买, 每周, 或月票, WisGo deducts stored value for the amount of one ride ($2 for regular fare, 每次1美元的优惠车费). You'll never pay more than $4 a day to ride (full fare) or $2 a day (reduced fare). 每次乘坐将包括90分钟的换乘. 访问 RideMCTS.com/WisGo 欲知详情.

Once I’ve purchased my fare on the Umo应用, what do I do?   
Paying for your ride with the Umo应用 uses a Quick Response (QR) code or "Validation Code" that is linked to your Umo account once you purchase your fare. You can access your code for trip validation by going to 钱包 > Show Code. To pay for your ride, you'll need to hold the QR code up to the WisGo validator. 

是的. 车票有效期为90分钟.

The group fare purchase option is not available via the WisGo fare collection system. The account-based system operates on individual accounts. 

你们接受Apple Pay吗 & 谷歌支付?
是的! 点击 阅读更多FAQs解答 关于Apple Pay & 谷歌支付.


Children can pay the reduced rate of $1 per ride. 请按h之前 to register your child for our 降低票价 program.


When you board the bus, you will pay your fare at the validator. 您不需要向驱动程序显示代码.

Transfers are automatically included in the fare you buy. Purchasing a single ride fare allows you to ride as many buses as you'd like within 90 minutes. 

而MCTS不提供现金退款, 在有限的情况下, we may be able to provide stored value to resolve a fare purchase. 

Can I use my UMO app or WISGo card on the CONNECT BRT Line? 
是的. For additional information regarding CONNECT, please click 在这里


How do I set my Umo应用 to Milwaukee County Transit System? 

  1. 点击导航菜单 Nav_Menu_Icon.jpg 并选择 设置
  2. 在 设置 屏幕上,点击 市区
  3. 在 改变都会区 screen, locate 并选择 "Milwaukee - Waukesha, WI" 

We also suggest turning on your phone's location services, 这样应用程序就能识别出你在威斯康星州.


Please contact MCTS Customer Service with any questions about the mobile app at (414) 937-0470 during normal business hours M-F, 8:00 - 4:30 p.m.